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Public Benefit Institution (ANBI)

The Dutch Wheelchair Fencing Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as of 6 May 2019 as a public benefit organization (ANBI).


This means that as a donor you can deduct your donation to the Foundation from the income tax or corporation tax within the applicable rules.

The Dutch Wheelchair Fencing Foundation, in turn, does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and gifts it receives in the public interest. View our annual publications below.

Policy plan 2019

You can read the DWFF policy plan 2019-2024 via the link below.


Policy plan 2019-2024.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the John Blankenstein Foundation. The Dutch Wheelchair Fencing Foundation believes it is very important that the LHTBI+ community, as an athlete, spectator and volunteer, feels safe at the events that we organize for the wonderful sport of wheelchair fencing. That is why the DWFF has started a collaboration with the John Blankenstein Foundation.


Inspired by former top referee and gay activist John Blankenstein, the John Blankenstein Foundation is committed to improve LHTBI+ acceptance in organized sports. Sports clubs play an important social role because they offer a social structure and are a meeting place for athletes. Many sports clubs think that they are sufficiently open and safe for everyone. This is different in the perception of gay athletes. They lack the availability of the club to discuss their individuality.

John Blankenstein Foundation

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